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Application of aerogel in the petrochemical field

Application of aerogel in the petrochemical field

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Thin and thin aerogel products can effectively reduce the amount of outer insulation layer of petrochemical pipelines and reduce the overall cost. Besides, they have excellent hydrophobicity, which will not corrode the insulation pipes, thus extending the service life of petrochemical pipelines and reducing the maintenance cost in the future.

Status of petrochemical insulation system:

1. The overall thermal insulation life is generally three years, and it needs to be replaced thoroughly for a maximum of five years;

2. The magnesium silicate composite material sinks, and the thickness of the lower part is twice that of the upper part;

3. After the thermal insulation removal, the surface of the pipeline is seriously corroded and the wall thickness becomes thinner. Some pipelines cannot meet the pressure requirements;

4. Sometimes the temperature and pressure at the end of the pipe are reduced.

Analysis of thermal insulation structure:

1. Short-term replacement of thermal insulation materials shows that the performance of traditional thermal insulation materials decays rapidly.

2. The unstable structure of the thermal insulation material and the uneven up and down of the thermal insulation material indicate that the material has disintegrated and the thermal insulation performance is uneven, resulting in high thermal loss.

3. Uneven insulation and excessive heat loss cause the temperature and pressure at the end of the pipe to decrease, and lead to the increase of boiler load and operation cost;

4. The corrosion under the insulation layer causes the thickness of the wall to become thin, which, to some extent, will fail to meet the design pressure requirements, and there are safety risks.

Main problems:

1. The insulation performance decays quickly, which leads to high maintenance cost, and the replacement every 3-5 years leads to high repeated investment;

2. The attenuation of thermal insulation performance leads to high thermal loss of equipment and pipes and high operational costs;

3. Corrosion under the insulation layer causes the wall thickness to become thin, which causes some safety hazards to the pipeline or equipment.

Pet love and solutions:

Kongming ? aerogel insulation material is insulation industry's revolutionary products, mainly has the following properties:

1, kongming ? aerogel is currently one of minimum thermal conductivity of solid insulation materials in the world;

2. Class A non-combustible material;

3, kongming ? aerogel waterproof performance is remarkable, and the water vapor can pass through;

4, kongming ? aerogel blanket elastic material, compression, processing and installation is very simple and fast and is not afraid of rough construction;

5. Good anti-aging performance. After 20 years of aging test, the product performance is almost unchanged. Articles come from the Internet

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