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The manufacturer will explain to you how to use the supercritical extraction plant

The manufacturer will explain to you how to use the supercritical extraction plant

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1. Check whether the power line is normal, check whether the refrigerator water and each heating box water are enough (about 2-3cm from the box cover), check the pressure of CO2 gas bottle to be guaranteed at 5-6mpa, and check whether the pipe joints and connection parts are firm.

2. Turn on the switch of general power supply, refrigeration and refrigeration cycle, and start refrigeration. Then, set the temperature of extractor, separator I and II, and start the operation of rising/changing temperature.

3, all the valves are closed, open the CO2 inlet valve, and deflated 3-5 s, then in turn open the valve, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 13, 12, 1 (the rest of the valve remains closed) 4, to reach the set temperature, extraction, separation temperature chiller stop refrigeration set temperature is reached, a), in turn, close the valve 3, 5, 4 and then open the valve, emptying slowly until the extraction tank pressure to zero. B) open the extraction cover, load, cover and close valve 4

C) slowly open valve 3 and enter CO2 gas until the pressure of extraction tank and CO2 storage tank is equal and the valve is opened

4, vent 5-10s, then close valve 4.

D) open valve 3 and 5 successively, open pump I switch, and click the run button to slowly close valve 7

Lift the pressure of the extraction tank until it grows to the required pressure. (or close valve 5 to the pressure required for the extraction tank, then slowly open valves 7 and 5, fine-tuning valve 7 to keep the pressure on the extraction tank)

E) close valve 10 and lift separation I pressure until it reaches the required pressure. At this point, it has been achieved

Extraction conditions. Extraction begins.

5. During extraction, open the valve at the lower part of separation I at intervals to collect the extract;

Impurity separation Ⅱ collection. The extraction time is required until the experiment is completed. 6. Click stop button, close pump 1, and slowly open valve 10 and 7 in turn, so that the pressure of extraction tank and separation I is equal to that of storage tank. Close valve 3 and 5 successively, slowly open valve 4, empty until extraction tank pressure is 0.

Open the extraction tank cover counterclockwise, take out the loading barrel and pour out the extracted materials. Extraction is complete. 8, if need to make the next batch extraction operation, is accordingly extractor, separator, I Ⅱ temperature setting, until she reached the corresponding set temperature. Loading is performed in steps 4, 5, 6, and 7.

9, if you don't continue extraction operation, then close the extractor, separator, Ⅱ switch, I closed refrigeration, cold cycle switch, and then close the total power supply. End of operation.

10. If the extraction operation is not performed for a long time, close valve 2 and close the CO2 inlet valve. Articles come from the Internet

Carbon dioxide extraction

Carbon dioxide extraction 

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