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Dry ice application

Dry ice application

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Solid carbon dioxide is also called dry ice after compression, minus 75 ℃ dry ice sublimation, can absorb heat, around the surrounding vapor condenses, it generated a mist, at the same time around the temperature falling rapidly, so the dry ice is often used to save items at low temperature.

Dry ice is widely used in food, hygiene, industry, catering, artificial rainfall has a large number of applications. Mainly include:

1. Application range of industrial moulds

Tire molds, rubber molds, polyurethane molds, polyethylene molds, PET molds, foam molds, injection molds, alloy die-casting molds, casting hot core box, cold core box, can remove residual resin, invalidation, carbon film agent, oil, through the vent hole, after cleaning the mold bright as new.

Online cleaning, without cooling down and dismantling the mold, avoids corrosion and damage to the mold by chemical cleaning method, mechanical damage and scratches to the mold by mechanical cleaning method, and decreases the precision of the mold due to repeated loading and unloading. The key is to eliminate the two most time-consuming steps of dismantling the mold and waiting for the mold to cool down, which can reduce the shutdown time by about 80-95%.

Dry ice cleaning benefits: dry ice cleaning can reduce downtime; Reduce equipment damage; Extremely effective cleaning of high temperature equipment; Reducing or reducing the use of solvents; Improving the safety of staff; Improve maintenance efficiency; Reduce production downtime, reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

2. Application range in petrochemical industry

Clean the main fan, air pressure machine, smoke machine, steam turbine, blower and other equipment and various heating furnace, reactor such as coke removal. Cleaning the polyvinyl chloride resin on the heat exchanger; Remove oil, rust, hydrocarbon and surface dirt from pressure vessels such as compressors, storage tanks, boilers, etc.; Clean up reaction kettle and condenser; Complex body decontamination; Boiler tube clean ash and so on.

3. Scope of application in food pharmacy

Successfully remove residue, colloidal material and oil from the oven and a mixture of unbaked fresh products. Effectively clean the oven, mixing and stirring equipment, conveyer belt, moulding products, packaging equipment, furnace rack, furnace tray, container, roller shaft, refrigerator inner wall, biscuit bar, etc.

Benefits of dry ice cleaning: eliminate the use of harmful chemicals, avoid the production equipment contact with hazardous chemicals and generate second waste; Prepare or remove bacteria such as salmonella, listeria, etc. for more thorough disinfection and cleaning; Eliminate the damage of water knife cleaning to electronic equipment; Minimum equipment decomposition; Reduce downtime.

4. Application range in printing industry

Removing ink is difficult, and ink accumulation on gears and guides leads to poor printing quality. Dry ice cleaning removes oil, water-based ink and varnish, removes grease, ink and dye from gears, guides and nozzles, and avoids hazardous waste and solution discharge, as well as personnel damage caused by hazardous solvents.

5. Application range in power industry

It can clean power boiler, condenser and all kinds of heat exchanger. Electric load (below 37kV) can be cleaned directly for indoor and outdoor transformers, insulators, distribution cabinets, wires and cables. The generator, motor, rotor, stator and other parts are not damaged and cleaned; The rust scale, hydrocarbon and adhesive powder cleaning of turbine, upper impeller, blade and other parts do not need to remove the blade, which saves the dynamic balance of adjusting the blade.

Benefits of dry ice cleaning: effectively decompose the cleaned contaminants; The removal of these pollutants reduces power losses; Reduce the maintenance cost of external equipment and its basic equipment; Improve the reliability of power system; Non-abrasive cleaning to keep the insulation intact; More suitable for preventive maintenance.

6. Application range in automobile industry

Clean the door skin, roof, carriage and undercarriage without water stain, which will not cause water pollution; Car carburetor cleaning and paint removal; Remove engine carbon. If carbon deposition is treated with chemical agents, the treatment will take a long time, at least 48 hours, and the agents are harmful to human health. Dry ice cleaning can completely solve the carbon deposition problem within 10 minutes, which saves time and reduces cost, and the descaling rate reaches 100%.

7. Application range in electronics industry

Clean the inner grease and dirt of robot and automatic equipment; Removal of integrated circuit board, post solder, contamination coating, resin, solvent coating, protective coating and photosensitive corrosion inhibitor on printed circuit board.

8. Application range in aerospace

The front process of missile, aircraft painting and final assembly; Paint removal for compound mold and special aircraft; Engine carbon deposition cleaning; Maintenance and cleaning (especially landing gear - wheel bay area); Removal of paint from the aircraft hull; Jet engine conversion system. Can work directly in the body, save time.

9. Scope of application in shipping industry

The ship shell; Sea water intake valve; Seawater condenser and heat exchanger; Machine room, machinery and electrical equipment, etc. than the general cleaning with high pressure water jet.

10. Application range in nuclear industry

If the cleaning of nuclear industrial equipment USES traditional cleaning methods such as water, sand blasting or chemical cleaning agent, the medium such as water, sand blasting or chemical cleaning agent is also contaminated with radioactive elements. It takes time and money to treat the medium contaminated by secondary pollution. By using the dry ice cleaning process, the dry ice particles are sprayed directly onto the cleaned objects, and sublimation occurs instantaneously. There is no secondary pollution problem, and only wastes such as nuclear contaminated deposits need to be treated.

11. Application range in beauty industry

Some dermatologists use dry ice to treat acne. Because it will slightly freeze the skin.

One type of acne treatment is a combination of crushed dry ice and acetone, sometimes mixed with sulphur. Liquid nitrogen and solid dry ice can also be used as cryotherapy materials. Freezing treatment, which can reduce inflammation, has been used to treat acne on liu's face, according to news reports. This method can reduce the occurrence of acne scars, but is not used to remove scars.

12. Application range in food industry

A dry ice in a wine, cocktail or drink is cool and delicious, and smoke-filled, very pleasant to drink.

When making ice cream, add dry ice cream, which is not easy to melt. Dry ice is especially good for cold storage of takeout ice cream.

Seafood dishes produced by c-star hotels and restaurants, when served with dry ice, can produce a white smoke landscape and upgrade the banquet, such as lobster sashimi.

D. Freeze and refrigerate lobster, crab, shark fin and other seafood. Dry ice does not melt water. It is cleaner and cleaner than water and cold storage. It is widely used in Europe, America, Japan and other countries.

13. Application range in refrigerated transportation

A cryopreservation for medical use and low temperature transportation of special drugs such as plasma and vaccines.

B electronic cryogenic materials, long - distance transport of precision components.

C. Fresh-keeping transportation of high-grade food such as beef and mutton.

14. Scope of application in the entertainment field

It is widely used for the production and smoke release of stage, theater, film and television, wedding celebration, celebration and evening party effect. For example, some programs of national theater use dry ice to produce effects.

15. Application range in fire protection industry

Dry ice is used for fire fighting, such as some low temperature fire extinguishers, but it is less used in this area, that is, it is less marketable.

Notes for dry ice use:

Keep in mind that each time you touch dry ice, be careful and use thick cotton gloves or other shields to touch the ice. If you touch the skin directly for long periods of time, it can cause cell freezing, similar to minor or extremely severe frostbite. Articles come from the Internet

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